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Wall-o-Jack! I seriously wanted to buy everything in this wall, NO JOKE. 😱 😱 😱 😍 😍 #JackSkellington #TheNightmareBeforeChristmas #Disney #DisneyWorld #TimBurton

On Being Alone

No one wants to be alone, right?

Least that’s what we feel like, especially when a meaningful relationship or someone dear to us leaves us. We feel like we can’t face the world alone and suddenly the long road of life seems as though volcanoes and Mt. Everest was placed at the same time in front of us like a series of unfortunate events.

But then what about when we get annoyed by people being all over our private space? I’m talking about those moments when you feel like you are being smothered by someone and you just want to be left alone for just a few minutes or hours. Or when you get those little pesky texts “what are you doing” or “how are you” not even five minutes after a previous message that was unanswered because you missed it or was busy with something else. So then why do we feel these bi-polar emotions of wanting to be alone and not again at the same time?

Because we like being alone on some days. Because putting some distance makes us appreciate that person more, at the same time making us appreciate our alone time just as much. I believe women have mastered this, hence why men feel like they don’t understand us. Ya’ll just behind. I grew up alone, being an only child and constantly in and out of relationships, I’ve learned to be comfortable with being alone, I appreciate my quiet days, perhaps that explains why I can’t see myself with a child, can you imagine all those sleepless nights filled with baby cries and tantrums? Let’s get back on subject, being alone isn’t how we want to live out our days, but it doesn’t, by any means, render having “alone time” unnecessary or something that only grouchy people do.





Can we just appreciate how far Disney Princess have gone from Cinderella, who needed a fairy Godmother to change her, to a Queen who don’t need one and change herself? Also, does anyone realize, she don’t need a Prince Charming to save herself! Best movie so far from Disney!

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Cinderella  & Frozen

I started reading this, asuming you were gonna compliment Disney on the improvent on animation. I wasn’t expecting that. But damn everyone who doesn’t have magical powers like Elsa, fuck everyone who found love in a place she never thought she could. Unlike Elsa who didn’t found love. There’s nothing wrong with either of those and neither of them is better than the other. Not everyone can be gifted with magical powers and that doesn’t magically make you worth less. AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH NEEDING HELP.

I was also expecting it to be about animation and was disappointed. What is tumblr’s obsession with equating a strong woman without needing help/a man?  

Not to mention that both dress transformations happen under drastically different conditions and serve different purposes in their respective stories. In Cinderella’s case, her dress symbolizes many of the themes of the film. When we first see it, it is her mother’s old dress, aka the ONLY memento she has of her much happier past. When the mice fix it up, it represents kindness rewarded, since Cindy helped them by clothing them, feeding them, and rescuing them. The torn dress represents broken dress, especially ones destroyed by cruel people. Finally, the new dress represents faith and kindness rewarded. The Fairy Godmother in general represents the idea of hope shining through in our darkest moments, justly rewarding our hope, faith and patience.

In Elsa’s case, her new dress represents freedom. As awesome and amazing the transformation of her dress is in the movie, I still prefer Cindy’s transformation of her dress because it represents a lot more. As much as I hate to say this, Elsa’s dress transformation is basically the single woman who liberated herself and thus went on a shopping and makeover spree and now feels fabulous (seriously that sassy and hot as hell walk Elsa does when she gets her dress says it all).

Cinderella for life. You obviously didn’t grow up watching the classics and understand the true meaning of them.

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Untitled on We Heart It.


Untitled on We Heart It.

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  • Person: what's your biggest fear?
  • Me: season finales

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TGC Forum: GrayLuna

It’s me it’s me ! <3 Thank you SO much!


TGC Forum: GrayLuna

It’s me it’s me ! <3 Thank you SO much!

Can’t wait to see this on my PS3 come this march <3

Reflection of the Self [2013]

I’m not sure if I have ever posted an annual evaluation of my life but here’s to the first of many !

First and foremost, I hated this year, this was the worst year I’ve have experience and I can only hope that 2014 sees to it that I don’t repeat it. Now you must be wondering, “what was so bad about 2013?” Let me give you an idea:

-Was rushed to the ER for the first time in my life in Feb.

-Had not one, but two wisdom teeth removed a week after

-Decided to give someone a chance and they have only reinforced my defensive walls on trusting people

-Two of my stores that I worked for closed down

-Got my my hours cut resulting in:

-Quitting my job

-Had my first surgery right before thanksgiving week

Needless to say these are only the “highlights” of this year’s series of unfortunate events. The only positive thing I can say that came out of this year was being able to finally finish school and start looking for jobs in my field of study. Alas, openings for that are a little tight as well.

They say you learn from your misfortunes, I only learned one thing that I will be executing next year: Don’t keep your emotions bottled up.

Being with someone who was literally a reflection of me, made me realize how cooped up I have been when it comes to talking things over with people. Seeing how this person reacts and acts in the emotional department reminded me of how we both handle these situations the same way, and sometimes it doesn’t pan out. While they may have temporary broken me down, I learned shortly after it was all done that  I can’t live thinking about what could have, should have, or would haves anymore. If there is something you have to say to someone, say it to them, even if you think it’s too late. And that is exactly what I did, I was able to move on with not regrets, and I wondered why I hadn’t done this in the past. I suppose this person was meant to be there for this purpose, for me to realize that there is a much simpler way of dealing with things.

With that in mind, I plan on leaving 2013 as far as I can behind me, including the people in it who helped this year be my worst.

As for my new year resolution you ask? Simple :

Live happy, don’t give a fuck about no one else because they sure as hell don’t care about others.  That along with going back to being a veggie head [meat once a week] and play as hard as I work!

Have a great 2014 everyone!

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My whole family is asleep and I’m here on my computer like


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